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Panef Lubricants

Panef L-300
Powdered Graphite Lubricant

L-300Use lubricant regularly to keep all locks lubricated and working smoothly. Guards against sticking and dirt build-up. Reduces wear and corrosion. Easy to use.

Powdered Graphite is the finest lubricant for metal, wood, plastic, and rubber.

Ideal for many uses including: hinges, tools, guns, fishing reels, auto locks, door locks and model derby cars.

Panef GS-20
White Stick Lubricant with Silicone
Home . Auto . Farm . Marine

GS-20Keeps things sliding. For use on metal, wood, leather, and plastic. It lubricates, protects, preserves and it’s waterproof. Use on sliding doors, drawers, bucket seat slides, tent zippers, water and snow skis, auto latches and striker plates.

Panef P-7, P-13, P-16

P-7Petrolatum is a transparent white pharmaceutical grade. Use as a protective coating for metal surfaces. Insoluble in water.

Applications include usage in cosmetic creams, as an ointment, as a lubricant, as a release agent or in pharmaceuticals